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Thursday, August 23, 2007

best beach vacation ever

It's been a few weeks since Seth and I returned from vacation with my family at Kiawah Island, SC. It truly was probably the closest to a perfect vacation I've ever been on: days filled with sunshine, waves, sand, reading novels [I highly recommend Marley and Me], soaking up rays on the beach; evenings full of good dinners where you linger over an intriguing conversation and a glass of wine; followed by laughter and games and hilarious family stories. Like when we all started recounting our version of the worst vacation ever: a trip to the Boundary Waters when it rained for four days straight and it took us six hours to canoe to a plot of land with the highest per capita mosquito population in the nation (maybe the world). We learned a few things as a family: (1) we are not campers (2) that was a once in a lifetime experience (3) bad vacations make hilarious stories later (4) hotel beds are highly underrated after four days in the wilderness.

I guess after reflection on our worst vacation ever, it made me think that this past week at the beach probably earned the distinction of our best vacation ever. The time I spend with my parents and siblings is even more precious now that they live so far away. It sweetens the moments somehow. Enriches them. We've also grown up and matured and brought new people into the Davis family. And so that multiplies the joy and the laughter we now share.

Favorite things about vacation:
(1) Good family time free from conflicts and full of rich conversation
(2) The familiar beauty of the South Carolina beach at Kiawah: wide & unpopulated beaches, warm seawater, wildlife (alligators, ibis, deer, even a little "Bambi")
(3) Delicious meals every night, complete with dessert (thanks, Mom!)
(4) Wine and Baileys every night (thanks, Dad!)
(5) Games galore
(6) Side-splitting laughter ... thanks, J & B :)
(7) Bike rides into the sunset
(8) The IBC Root Beer "Burp-Off"
(9) R E L A X A T I O N
(10) Immersion into the Creator's beauty through a geographical place and hearts alive with the Spirit

The only part that wasn't perfect is that it ended. I have a feeling that I tasted Heaven this week. But of course Heaven will be much better -- an eternal "family reunion" at the most beautiful place imaginable ... all overshadowed by the wonder and ecstasy of face-to-face worship of our Creator.

A few pictures so that you, too, can imagine you were there...

The "Davis siblings" plus their dates/mates :)

The generous hosts of the week: my parents

Kite-flying became one of our favorite beach pastimes

Me & Bryan with our goofy faces...

The model-esque couple: Bryan and his girlfriend Ashleigh

The newlyweds: Nicole & Jonathan -- 2 months and counting...

Seth and I -- the "old" newlywed couple of the trip

Sunset at the marsh

Jonathan and Seth playing pool

Sisters! (-in-law) Heather & Nicole


  • AHHHHH. Makes me excited about a trip to the beach (honeymoon:)! Sounds amazing. What beautiful pictures!
    Love, KO

    By Anonymous Katherine Oliver, At 4:30 PM  

  • Thanks for sharing your memories! We didn't get a beach vacation this summer...made me long for the next time we get to go!

    By Blogger Steve and Miranda, At 3:15 PM  

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