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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy 25th Birthday, Jonathan!!

This is one of the last pictures I have where my "little" brother Jonathan is actually shorter than me. In honor of his birthday today, this post is for him!

One of my first memories is one of delight and joy when my parents told me as a two year old that I was going to be a big sister. I remember being so excited to meet this new sibling in the hospital. And probably begging my parents over and over again to hold him (which they rarely allowed, due to their wisdom!). Until Bryan came along, I would usually force him to play whatever girlish game I was playing and he usually coerced without a fight. He's always been much more laid-back than his older, bossier sister. And I know that I took advantage of that too much when we were younger!

Even though he is my younger brother, Jonathan was quite an example for me as we grew up and I entered the tumultuous years of adolescence. He had wrestled with his faith in Christ at a young age when he would stay up late talking to Mom and Dad about very deep, hard questions. He was always pretty mature for his age. I often discounted this or tried to brush it off. However, spiritually he really was an example to me and encouraged me to really pursue God even when it seemed too difficult or irrelevant. His steadfast faith has continued to this day and has grown through many trials.

It has been a true joy to see the way that we have become good friends as we've both grown up. We've asked each other for advice, prayed with and for each other, and kept in touch throughout the college years and now post-college. It's only fitting that each of our weddings would be within 9 months of one another! I'm thrilled that God has brought such an amazing woman into his life as his bride, and that we'll celebrate their marriage in less than a month.

So...HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY, Jonathan! And thanks for all the ways you've encouraged me in Christ as my brother throughout the years. I look forward to many fun vacations with our families in the years to come. And we'll see you at the wedding to your beautiful bride in less than 3 weeks!!!!


  • Thanks for the tribute! I love the pic too--whenever we're tempted to think we're cool now all we have to do is pull out the ole family albums! Bryan may not have had a nerdy phase, but you and I sure did.

    By Blogger Jonathan, At 11:49 PM  

  • love this picture of you and your brother

    By Blogger Monica, At 10:53 PM  

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