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Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year's resolutions, Christmas cards, and other things left undone...

Maybe my first new year's resolution of 2006 should be "to post to my blog more frequently than monthly." But I fear even a resolution as apparently easy and simple like this may go the way of my Christmas cards this year: unfinished (and, let me be more honest: unstarted, unless you count buying the cards and thinking about sending them out as a fair beginning). Why? What has happened between December 8th and today?

I could belabor the point and list all of my accomplished tasks in a bulleted list like this:

  • completed 3 finals
  • bought around a dozen Christmas presents for sundry family members and a few friends
  • dabbled with 2 simple paintings
  • hosted a Christmas party for 30 friends in South Carolina
  • attended ___ Christmas parties
  • flew home to South Carolina ...

...but I imagine that you are already bored with this list. This cannot even begin to capture life. Life is often what happens when blogs don't get posted, phone calls don't get returned, "to-do lists" are left undone, emails remain unanswered. Do you and I in America define life like this? Or do we tend to limit life to the tasks which fill our days?

If I were to write a real New Year's resolution for 2006, it would be to simply live life in all its vitality...which means slowing down, enjoying the moment, refusing to confuse life with a planner full of events. What would I find if I did this?

Relationships. Family. Love. Laughter. Joy. Sorrow. R E S T. God.

What did I really do between now and then? I introduce you to LIFE as I've been living it for the past month...in photos. ENJOY!

My boyfriend, Seth, and I at a friend's wedding

Jess & Tony (soon-to-be-married!), with the radiant Susie and Drew

My family on a walk in downtown Greenville, SC

With my best friend at her apartment in ATL

From the 4 week old...to the older...cousins & relatives gathered in Alabama for Angela's wedding


  • This post was perfect. Thanks for the challenge to let my Christmas Thank You notes slide....(personal application:). So, let me say here and now, THANK YOU for the beautiful art, and thanks for proudly displaying your life...it is lovely.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:09 PM  

  • Heather!! I had fun reading your blog this evening and just thought I'd leave you a quick note. It was such a joy to see you in Gvegas of Christmas and hear the update on your life. An E mail is soon to follow - let me know the latest! Miss you girl!

    By Blogger Jill Roberts, At 8:46 PM  

  • KO & Jill--a.k.a. my two hip ATL friends who read blogs. Thanks for reading & for commenting. Even more, for your friendship. It was wonderful to see both of you over break!! Let me know when you join the blog world...you both are ready to "break out." :)

    By Blogger Heather, At 11:09 PM  

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