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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Autumn's Moon

This is a poem I wrote my senior year of high school on the front porch swing of my parent's house in Greenville, SC. I was inspired to reread this poem on a crisp autumn night a few weeks ago. Enjoy...

"Autumn's Moon"

The leaves rustle as though
by angel's fingertips
they silently sway
to and fro
blithely dancing
to heaven's invisible music.
God himself has painted them--
Red, orange, yellow, fire
flourescent almost
in the golden sun
beyond the horizon
into the grey-blue mountains
only a hint of the warm summer sun
then it's gone.

A fresh, cold breeze
turning the child's nose
and cheeks a rosy pink
as she waves to the setting sun.
"Good-bye, good-bye!"
The wind takes her words
to the waiting world
as winter plays its prelude
through her glinting golden locks.
Tender twilight is coming
and going
as God's highlights
begin to disappear
with the autumn moon


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