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Friday, December 09, 2005

child-like wonder

Now that I have finished writing my first 2-hour final (of three) and 25 pages worth of final papers, I will take some much-needed time to reflect with you on the JOYS of this most wonderful season. One of my favorite things about Christmas is the way that the season is designed to evoke a sense of child-like wonder in all of us. What is it that gets you during this season?

Is it the "yule-tide carols being sung by a choir"? Or the fevered--I mean fervored--frenzy of shopping malls as you buy gifts for both people you love and those you should love? Maybe, if you live in a place like Philadelphia, it's the wonder of awaking to the first snowfall that transforms the landscape into a winter wonderland? [i'm hoping for that tomorrow morning] Or possibly the fun of having so many parties to go to during this season? [i already have 5 on my calendar!] Decorating the tree? Christmas baking? Wrapping gifts? Traveling home for the holidays? Lingering under the mistletoe to steal a kiss?

Nothing says "Christmas" to me like decorating the tree with holiday songs as a soundtrack. And then sitting in front of the tree as it is magically aglow, surrounded by those you love--family and friends. Preferably while cradling a mug of hot chocolate.

The only thing that would surpass this is a children's Christmas program. They capture the child-like wonder of the season perfectly. Because they are not pretending! True, their wonder is often tied to "I wonder what Santa will bring me," yet every time I hear a children's choir sing "Silent night, holy night" there is a hush that comes over those who listen. I think we all at that moment wonder at such profound truth sung in such sweet innocence. We all silently ache that we have lost it...and long to know it anew.

The beauty and true wonder of Christmas is that we can have it. It is found in the Child whose birth we all celebrate with our parties (unwittingly though we may be). His glory is hidden in a babe in a straw-filled manger. And hidden with this Child is our hope to recover a child-like wonder.


  • Looking good Heather.
    Your slackin though :)

    Hope you had a good Christmas, I'm looking forward to seeing you back at MOB. Maybe we'll be able to hang out with Seth sometime soon?

    Matthew (and Ames)

    By Blogger Matthew Smith, At 12:20 AM  

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