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Thursday, January 19, 2006

enjoying LIFE

Daylight fades in a glorious display. The bare winter branches are silhouetted against the cerulean blue sky. And it's 5:23pm--which means the days are actually getting longer. (hey, for a girl who LOVES warmth & sunshine, I'll start looking for hints of that favorite summer season as soon as I can!)

I don't have a prefabricated topic to write about or an author's urge to communicate something profound. I just wanted to seize this moment and say...this is life. Isn't it beautiful?

There is something pretty amazing about the quiet moments that come in between the events on my too-full agenda. Yet maybe they are even more precious because of a busy schedule.

I guess that's why we're made to work...but we work in order to rest and we rest in order to work. It's the rhythm of life. I invite you to stop what you're doing at some point before the close of your day--and soak in life. Then write about it or share it with a friend or draw a picture or listen to a song. You've only got one of these things called "life." Soak it up!


  • Good idea Heather. Thanks for the reminder that life can be beautiful.

    By Blogger Matthew Smith, At 11:37 PM  

  • Smith family,
    y'all are definitely part of life's beauty in this season! So thankful to know all 3 of you...hope we can hang out soon.

    By Blogger Heather, At 11:12 PM  

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