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Friday, September 15, 2006

the flight to marriage

We are on it! I walked the aisle...strewn with rose petals by my flower girl and tears that I couldn't hold back...to my groom who awaited me with his own tears glistening in his eyes. It was a perfect moment--a glorious wedding because of Christ's presence with us--and a fun reception. All to qualify us for this journey that we have embarked on called "marriage."

And I thought I knew what it would be like before I got here. But I had no idea. I didn't realize it meant that the very presence of this man in the midst of my most sin-filled moments communicates the grace of Christ. Or that I would now have a mirror in my shower (it really did surprise me that first groggy morning in our new apartment!). Or that it could truly be so fun to know that you're coming home to your best friend. After 3 weeks, we are still very much aglow in this whole new world that we've found ourselves in.

I still feel giddy each time I write "Heather Nelson" or introduce myself as such. There's also this strange feeling about this "Heather Nelson" person. Who is she really? No one quite knows yet. And yet in the eyes of social security, Pennsylvania, all my credit cards, Westminster Seminary...I am still Heather Davis. And I have to admit that there's a familiarity whenever I am forced to use that name. It's a weird in-between time. A friend asked me this week how it felt to be married, and I had to answer her with, "Honestly, I don't know yet! I think I'm still trying to realize what it means that I am married."

So instead of trying to reflect more, I'll share about the wedding. This picture was taken at the place where my bridesmaids and I got ready--the same place where the reception was held, the Ryan Nicholas Inn (www.ryannicholasinn.com). I'm being escorted by my brothers, with my mom following.

It is also the scene of what I would say is probably the most unexpected moment of the wedding/reception--the moment that was most different than what I had hoped for. Around the corner is a huge grand staircase that opens onto the dance floor. When Seth & I were introduced for the first time as "Mr. and Mrs. Seth Nelson" [note: at the church, the organist started her recessional piece too early and so the minister wasn't able to officially make this declaration earlier, a fact I never noticed until 2 weeks later when my parents told us that!], we walked down the staircase and went immediately into our first dance. We had a few different dance moves we learned during a private lesson, and I was excited for us to "showcase" them.

However, something got in the way. It was my very, very long veil shown in this picture. The idea was to bustle it & the dress up before entering the reception. But in the rush and flurry that are wedding pictures, getting to the reception, etc...the dress wasn't bustled until seconds before we entered (and it was done so by a kind guest who noticed and asked me about it). So...I didn't even realize the veil wasn't up until after we tried our first "twirl." It had a cocoon effect on us, more than the graceful romance we were going for...as the veil encircled us!! Instead of our dance moves, I was focused on yanking the veil out of the way. Ahh, well. Good thing we have a lifetime ahead of us to perfect our dances!

That's all for now...more to come later. Back to apartment organizing...


  • Congratulations, Heather (& Seth)! We thought of you on your big day. Please post more wedding pictures if you're able... Enjoy this special time together with marriage so new and fresh and romantic. Kari (& Dylan)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:27 AM  

  • Heather,

    You looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing some special moments from the day! Sounds unforgetable! I was praying for you that day -- you came to mind at various points throughout the day.

    God bless you both! We're still in the wedding planning flurry over here . . . and very excited for the day to finally come!

    Take care! Enjoy married life!

    By Blogger Mary O, At 4:14 PM  

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