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Sunday, November 18, 2007

a tribute to the Carreras

I just spoke with Mrs. Carrera (fka Katherine Oliver) on the phone. They only just arrived back from their honeymoon. And so I definitely want to give a tribute and some reflections on their wedding weekend celebration. Here they are at their fab. rehearsal dinner at Maggiano's (truly appropriate pick for his Italian family). Aren't they a beautiful couple? Truly. His dark and handsome with her blond and glamorous ... they'll have some cute kids one day!!

And what's even more beautiful is their inner character that is even more stunning. Both gave much glory to God for bringing them together at the right time. The character of Christ radiates through them both as well. They are truly a perfect match for one another. Each bringing out new things in the other. I've seen it and witnessed it through their relationship.

It was a wonderful weekend of celebration, from the bridesmaids' shower on Thursday evening to the moment they pulled out of the Vinings Club en route to their honeymoon. There was much joy -- many reminders of the gift that marriage is meant to be. I loved celebrating this with Seth and also with my parents who came down from South Carolina. Funny bit of trivia: Katherine's father and my Dad were actually fraternity brothers at Furman Univ. and were also groomsmen in each other's weddings! It's a small world, after all ...

And so it was only fitting for us both to become instant friends when we met during high school at a summer camp and to keep up over the years since -- though we've never lived in the same city. She has been such an encouragement to me to keep turning to Christ. I feel as if we're always discovering new insights about our life in Christ when we talk. And her passionate love for Christ is always a challenge to me ... me who can be so rational about God sometimes, to the detriment of passion.

So now I "raise my glass" as I did a week ago Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Carrera as they embark on the adventure of marriage. There are deep waters, heights of joy, and the hope of ever-increasing love in the mystery called marriage. As they keep Christ central, they will find the wisdom to navigate it all.


  • So beautiful! I didn't know that Katherine got married here in Atlanta...I was actually in a wedding at the Vinings Club last fall. It's lovely!

    Hope you're well!

    By Blogger Jenn, At 4:42 PM  

  • Oh, thank you for this precious post. You were the best Matron of Honor a girl could ask for. Love you always.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:03 PM  

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