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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Vote for a job for Heather!

Did you miss election day? Now you have a chance to truly become influential and make a difference. Where your vote really does count. I promise. (do you believe me yet?)

I'm trying to decide what job to take beginning in February. I am stepping out in faith, transitioning from WHM in hopes of increasing my counseling/ministry experience -- and even more so as graduation in May draws nigh. My ideal is something about 20 hours a week that will work with my ever-so-crazy schedule, while also paying me millions. (ha, ha) Well, at least I'll settle for a buck or two above minimum wage, seeing as I do have a bachelor's degree and I'm working on my master's...

So -- here are the options:
(A) Counseling at a faith-based non-profit medical clinic serving a mainly Hispanic population in the city
(B) Teaching Spanish as an independent contractor to a couple schools throughout the Philadelphia area
(C) Tutoring
(D) Personal/admin assistant for a local attorney
(E) None of the above: write in job _______________________
(F) Some combination of the above: list here ____________

If you read my blog, please vote. Both humor and deep insight are appreciated in your responses. :)


  • I'd go with A or B though I've got reservations about B.

    A gives good counseling experience while giving the opportunity to merge faith and counseling. It also reaches out to those in need, exemplifying the Kingdom.

    B, similarly, reaches those in need but in less obvious ways. The problem with B is that those poor kids will get some funky version of Spanish with a thick Heather-Southern accent. You'll end up with kids saying "Hasta manana, y'all." (Kidding of course)

    By Anonymous Dylan, At 9:55 AM  

  • Thanks, Dylan!! I appreciate the vote --especially as it matches up with what my heart is leaning towards, too. Hope things are well for the Valliere clan! Your kids are tooo cute. :)

    By Blogger Heather, At 7:43 PM  

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